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Create shortcut to change the IP address of the PC

In this video I have shown how you can create a short cut to change the IP address of your PC. This method will work in all windows versions and it is done with the help of Command prompt bat file.

1 . First find the name of the adapter you want to change the IP address. To find the name of adapter, Open network and sharing center from Control panel and click on Change adapter settings.
Open >> Control Panel >> Network and Internet>>Network and Sharing Center >> Change adapter settings

So I need to change the IP address of the Adapter named ‘Ethernet’.

2. Now open a Notepad and copy below command directly and save the file as .bat file extension. The below commands are for changing the IP address details as below mentioned. If you need any changes please update the commands accordingly
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
DNS 1 :
DNS 2 :

netsh int ip set address "Ethernet" static
netsh int ip set dns "Ethernet" static primary
netsh interface ip add dns "Ethernet" INDEX=2
Make sure you have changed the name of Adapter as in your pc
Save the file with .bat extension
Once the file is saved. It will look like this

3. Now create a shortcut for the bat file by just right clicking on the file.

4. Now set the shortcut to run as administrator mode.
For that just right click and select properties, Then select on shortcut and click Advanced.
In the pop up window just check on ‘Run as Administrator’.

5. Now just double click on the shortcut. It will ask for user access control, Just click yes. Now your IP address should have changed as shown below.


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