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Download Youtube Videos using Command Prompt CMD

Now you can download youtube videos using command line commands. This will work in any platform like unix, linux and windows.
To demonstrate the downloader in windows we have to download an executable exe file from below link or their website.

Download youtube-dl here. youtube-dl.rar

Steps to Download youtube Videos
1. Download the youtube-dl and keep in any folder where you need the videos to be downloaded. (You can also add youtube-dl to environment variables of windows so that it can be used directly from cmd, In this demonstration we have not added it so we have to navigate to the location through cmd to use the youtube-dl).

2. Open command prompt and navigate to the location where youtube-dl is placed.

3. Now grab the URL of the video from youtube.

4. Now execute the below command to download the youtube video.
The command format is.

youtube-dl URL [URL...]

So in our case the Command will be.

youtube-dl ""

It will show the output in CMD as shown below.

The video should have downloaded in that folder

5. Now to get all the thumbnails downloaded with that video, You can use the below command.

youtube-dl "" --write-all-thumbnails 

6. To see all the available formats that can be downloaded,

youtube-dl "" --all-formats  

7. To download a specific format of the video,

youtube-dl "" --format mp4

This will download the mp4 format of that video.

A lot of other options are also available with this youtube-dl. You can see complete details in their website.

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