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Free Library Management System project in Java and Mysql Source Code

This project is deployed with help of,

  1. Eclipse Neon.3
  2. MySQL 5.0
  3. Tomcat v9.0

Its not necessary to have all the above with exact versions. You can have any versions.

  1. Project Sturture
  2. Update the url in with project link, Take care on the port number also. Put it as per your tomcat server port number.

    package common;
    public class Common_Things {	
    	public static String url="http://localhost:8080/LMS";
  3. To view the demo you can go the link,

    username : admin
    password : admin321

Download the Project shown in Youtube Video here


Download the updated Project here


Download sample database here,


If there is any error in the project, Please report it as comment in Youtube video. It may help all of them who try to download this…:-) chears.


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