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How to see all devices / PC connected on your network

In this video I have shown how we can see all devices / PC in same network.

I have shown 2 ways to check the devices,
1. Using CMD – Command Prompt

The command will NET VIEW show all devices connected in network.

net view


Now to see all the active IP address in the network. You can use the command arp -a

arp -a

This command will show all the available IP address and the assigned physical address in the network as shown.

Now to see what IP belongs to a PC in the network. You can directly ping -a with IP address.
It will return the name of PC where that IP belongs.

ping -a

This command will return the name of PC for the IP is assigned as shown below.

2. Using Third party application known as Advanced IP Scanner.
Using Advanced IP scanner is another simple way to check all the available devices.
Just download and install it from the official website and you can use it free of cost.
After installing just click on Scan to check all the available device. It will show as shown below.



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