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jsf library richfaces not setup properly- Netbeans IDE

On creating new JSF Richfaces application in Netbeans, the error shown above comes because of not adding JSF libraries.

JSF library RichFaces not setup properly:
No complete Richfaces library found. See list of Mandatory JARs.

Now to import the libraries,

  1. Click on more button.
  2. It will show all the jars required for RichFaces as shown. Click on Create Library now.
  3. You can download the jars here.Valid RichFaces Library:
    RichFaces library has to contain:
    richfaces-core-impl-4.x.O.Final jarRichFaces library should contain:
    guava jar (Google Guava)
    sac.jar (Simple API for CSS)
    cssparser.jar (CSS Parser)
  4. After Downloading the jars create the library name.
  5. Now import all the jars as shown.
  6. After Importing the error would have been gone. And you can proceed for creating the Project.


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