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Top 10 Unknown Facts about Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

He was about to join Real Madrid
At the age of 10 Neymar travelled to Spain to discuss a possible move to real Madrid. He stayed there 19 days in the final selection camp where he scored 27 goals. Real Madrid were too impressed with him and want to get signed immediately. But in the last minute, Santos came into the screen and got stayed in Brazil.

Westham Prospect
He got lots of offers while he was playing for Santos. In 2010 the London Club Westham offered 12 Million Pounds for the 18 year old Neymar. Later Chelsea also made a try for 20 Million Pounds. The Offer from Chelsea was also turned down on the advice of Pele.

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10 Unknown Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo was kicked out of school at the age of 14.
Ronaldo may be good in boots on the pitch. But at age of 14 he was expelled out of his school. He was kicked out of school because he threw a chair at the teacher. The reason was the teacher disrespected him allegedly mocking his Madeiran accent. Ronaldo's mum Dolores encouraged him to focus all his attention on football.

Ronaldo footballing career was almost over before even it began.
It was due to the heart surgery at the age of 15.
He had laser surgery to correct his raising heart beat A condition that might have forced him to give up the footballing career. Ronaldo's surgery took place in the morning and was discharged by the end of afternoon to continue his training few days later.

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10 interesting Facts about Lionel Messi

Started Career at 5
Messi started his career at the age of 5 playing for Grandoli, A local club coached by his father. Later, at age of 8 he started playing for Newell’s Old Boys. With Messi on their side Newell’s Old Boys lost only one match over a 4 year long period.

Diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency
At the age of 11 Lionel Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. The team Barcelona covered all the expenses for the treatment. Before this, Club Atlético River Plate from Argentina shown interest in signing Messi, however they couldn't afford the payment for the treatment. Then Club Barcelona came into the picture.
And the Rest is history.

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10 interesting facts about zoology

Maximum Number of Fields
Zoology has the maximum number of fields. Zoology has the maximum number of fields in which it is divided compared to any branch of science. For example, there is ammalogy (the study of mammals), ornithology (the study of birds), herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians), ichthyology (the study of fish), entomology (the study of insects), soil zoology, vertebrate zoology, behavioral ecology to name just a few fields of zoology.

2 : Era of Aristotle
Zoology has its origins back to almost 1700’s and 1800’s and it was initiated in the era of Aristotle. Many of the zoologists started the first ever zoology expeditions around this time, venturing into deserts, forests and mountains.

3 : Research in Zoology
Parallel researches in zoology and cells were carried out by pioneers in both the fields. When combined together, this led to the development of the cell theory, which is considered as the fundamental theory of life.

4 : Classification
One of the essential foundations of zoology is classification. This crux of zoology, that is, classification is one of the most complicated and profound branches of zoology. It includes identifying and classifying animals based on different norms and guidelines. The different characteristics based on which animals are classified encompass various different aspects like, cells, tissues and body structure. This classification of the animal kingdom is also most commonly known as animal taxonomy.

5 : Zoological Museums
One of the world’s largest zoological museums is at Cambridge University in England. The zoological museum at Cambridge prides itself in having the largest collection of zoological species. The major attraction here is the Finback whale skeleton which is over 70 ft long. It is the largest species in an exhibition in the entire world, it’s dismantling alone can take up to 5 weeks. The University is currently raising funds to renovate, clean and remount all their species.

6 : Animals – All about them
Zoologists are people who deal with animals and study them. Depending on their experience and area of expertise zoologists have to work in various weather and environment conditions. According to a study, there are almost 200,000 zoologists in the United States alone. Also, almost all zoologists earn almost twenty-five dollars an hour.

7 : A comprehensive study
Charles Darwin studied animals and through a comprehensive study of zoology was able to form his most renowned theories of survival of the fittest. This eventually led to the development of the theory of evolution which gave us a better understanding of the evolution of living beings.

8 : Father of Zoology
Aristotle is popularly known as ‘The father of Zoology’. His greatest contribution is generally considered as the development of the theory of the genome codes. His practice of keeping methodical observations and keeping journals of every observation about animals and the wildlife paved the way for many great workers in the future and made other discoveries much easier.

9 : Beginning of Zoology
According to some historians, Conrad Gesner, around the 1500’s wrote the Historiae Animalium which is considered the beginning of the zoology as we know it today.

10 : What does it mean?
The word zoology in Greek means 'Animal'.

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10 Unknown Civil War Cannon Facts

Weight and range
The range of the civil war cannons was tremendous considering their weight. Few models had a range as large as 1.2 kilometers and many had a range of about 800 meters. That was pretty huge for destructive attacking from a comfortable distance, especially while attacking a fortress.

2 : Iron Filled ones
The cannon balls used in these cannons are made of cast iron filled in with explosive powder. In fact, many of them can still be found in backyards and also may be found upon digging at various places that have been previously used as a battlefield.

3 : Not just one model
The Civil War cannon weren’t just one model. Several types of it were used whose names aren’t known to many people. These include the 6 pounder gun, M1857, 12 pounders “Napoleon”, 20 pounder Parrot Rifle and many others. There are actually many parameters which are used to categorize them. Some of these parameters are weight, barrel length, Altitude, and range and also based on the type of objects fired.

4 : The Collectible Items
The Civil War Cannon balls and cannon are currently considered as a collectible item. One in possession of any can auction them and make some quick money. A cannon ball can be sold for about $15 to as high as $50.

5 : Corrosion resistant
Most of the cannon equipment was made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. However, there were a few exceptions. Naturally, they were corrosion resistant and strong.

6 : Mobility factor
The most useful feature of the Cannons made during those times was their mobility. Many models were constructed upon wheels. Hence soldiers could move them around in a battlefield and change the direction of fire quickly and efficiently although they weighed a lot.

7 : Four major types
On a broad basis, there are four major types of cannons. Historians may name them as Field (the ones that can be easily moved around), Mountain (The ones that can be swiftly dismantled and mounted on a horse and transported), Siege and Garrison (these are heavy and difficult to transport) and finally the Seacoast (These are huge and generally fixed usually at fortifications and seacoast).

8 : Swamp Angel
There is one famous artillery weapon, called ‘The Swamp Angel’. A Siege weapon was used to fire explosive shells into the city. It was fired continuously for 2 days until it finally self-exploded causing damage to its users.

9 : Double Barrel Cannon
Although not a new innovation, during this time a special Double Barrel cannon was made. However, it did not work as expected. It was designed to fire multiple cannons at the same time but the test and prototypes have failed miserably and there was no synchronization of firing. Nevertheless, this weapon was kept in the city as a defensive weapon just in case but was never properly used.

10 : The first Cannon
The very first Cannon which is the root of all these cannons was invented in China. Soon the technology developed and spread to Europe in the middle Ages and later spread across faraway lands of North America.

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