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10 Little Known Facts about Hyperloop Transportation

The plan suggested for the Hyperloop trains says that the capsules can speed up to the speed of seven hundred and sixty miles per hour when the highest speeds of trains nowadays at the highest point are one hundred and fifty miles per hour. Which means it would take a person thirty minutes to travel between LA and San Francisco by Hyperloop as compared to the five to six hours taken by any other transportation.

2 : Unenclosed technology
Elon Musk, the mastermind behind the idea of hyperloop transportation, has basically open-sourced the technology of hyperloop and is urging other companies to undertake it. Hence there are several versions of the system of hyperloop and its workings. Three companies have already taken up the challenge.

3 : The capsule bestrides on air pressure
An amalgamation of linear kickoff mechanism and air compactors will fire these capsules through these tunnels. They will be provided skis instead on wheels. They will not ride on wheels but air!

4 : Solar powered
The system of hyperloop transportation has been designed to be solar powered, meaning it will absorb energy from the sun using solar panels. Additionally, every capsule will be provided with lithium ion batteries which will yield sufficient potential to make certain that the capsule arrives at its terminus.

5 : Emergency brakes
The emergency braking system provided will intercept the hazard of misadventures. Every capsule of the seventy capsules will be distanced five miles apart. Each pod will be leaving the gap of thirty seconds of each other. The seating arrangement has been made with the particular purpose of avoiding collisions.

6 : Aluminium pods
These capsules will comprise of aluminum pods with added skis. The encasing material will have to be sufficient to endure both high speeds and the extreme heat with endangering any person or part.

7 : The fight to be the first to launch the hyperloop
Various nations are wrangling to be the first nation to launch the hyperloop. UAE, India, Slovakia, Australia, Russia are some of the countries inclusive in this. Nobody knows who would win this fight.

8 : The hyperloop can solely run in a firm unswerving pathway
Taking the speed of the hyperloop into account, the hyperloop can solely run in a firm undeviating path without harming the humans inside as there is only so much speed and pressure a human body can take

9 : Can survive any weather
The hyperloop train can endure any and every weather whether it be heavy rains, storms, snow, etc. This will help in the congestion of traffic during such unreliable weather and keep the cities connected.

10 : Not a new concept
This concept of traveling in capsules is not a new concept at all. A company by the name of Rand Corporation had previously attempted this. George Medhurst, the British inventor, patented this concept long ago. .

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