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10 interesting facts about zoology

10 interesting facts about zoology

Maximum Number of Fields
Zoology has the maximum number of fields. Zoology has the maximum number of fields in which it is divided compared to any branch of science. For example, there is ammalogy (the study of mammals), ornithology (the study of birds), herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians), ichthyology (the study of fish), entomology (the study of insects), soil zoology, vertebrate zoology, behavioral ecology to name just a few fields of zoology.

2 : Era of Aristotle
Zoology has its origins back to almost 1700’s and 1800’s and it was initiated in the era of Aristotle. Many of the zoologists started the first ever zoology expeditions around this time, venturing into deserts, forests and mountains.

3 : Research in Zoology
Parallel researches in zoology and cells were carried out by pioneers in both the fields. When combined together, this led to the development of the cell theory, which is considered as the fundamental theory of life.

4 : Classification
One of the essential foundations of zoology is classification. This crux of zoology, that is, classification is one of the most complicated and profound branches of zoology. It includes identifying and classifying animals based on different norms and guidelines. The different characteristics based on which animals are classified encompass various different aspects like, cells, tissues and body structure. This classification of the animal kingdom is also most commonly known as animal taxonomy.

5 : Zoological Museums
One of the world’s largest zoological museums is at Cambridge University in England. The zoological museum at Cambridge prides itself in having the largest collection of zoological species. The major attraction here is the Finback whale skeleton which is over 70 ft long. It is the largest species in an exhibition in the entire world, it’s dismantling alone can take up to 5 weeks. The University is currently raising funds to renovate, clean and remount all their species.

6 : Animals – All about them
Zoologists are people who deal with animals and study them. Depending on their experience and area of expertise zoologists have to work in various weather and environment conditions. According to a study, there are almost 200,000 zoologists in the United States alone. Also, almost all zoologists earn almost twenty-five dollars an hour.

7 : A comprehensive study
Charles Darwin studied animals and through a comprehensive study of zoology was able to form his most renowned theories of survival of the fittest. This eventually led to the development of the theory of evolution which gave us a better understanding of the evolution of living beings.

8 : Father of Zoology
Aristotle is popularly known as ‘The father of Zoology’. His greatest contribution is generally considered as the development of the theory of the genome codes. His practice of keeping methodical observations and keeping journals of every observation about animals and the wildlife paved the way for many great workers in the future and made other discoveries much easier.

9 : Beginning of Zoology
According to some historians, Conrad Gesner, around the 1500’s wrote the Historiae Animalium which is considered the beginning of the zoology as we know it today.

10 : What does it mean?
The word zoology in Greek means 'Animal'..

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10 interesting facts about Dogs

10 interesting facts about Dogs

Close proximity to a child just beginning to walk
The brain of a dog can be compared to a child who is just beginning to walk. They can understand an almost equal number of gestures and words. This can be considered both dogs and small children are quite good friends.

2 : Drinking water
Dogs drink water the same way as a cat. They always tend to make the place messy while drinking water. They use their tongue to make a channel for water to reach their inner mouth. They use only the tip of their tongue to touch the container.

3 : Human-like conscious for time
Dogs have a sense of time similar to that of humans. It is often found that dogs have an understanding about time and knows when it is time to eat or wake up. They study these habits from their owner. They also tend to miss their owner when they are gone.

4 : Whiskers are used for night vision
Similar to human’s dogs cannot see in the dark. But they can use their whiskers to detect even the slightest movement in the air current. This can help them to detect the speed and distance of an approaching danger.

5 : Sweat glands on their foot
Dogs have special sweat glands on their foot as it can help them to keep their foot wet. This can be extremely lifesaving while walking on a hot surface. This can be considered as one of the reasons dogs’ pants as a method to cool down.

6 : Dangerous mouth
They have almost ten extra teeth’s compared to humans. These are extremely sharp made for their self-defence. The also exert a force of 320 pounds compared to the 120 pounds of humans. These together can bring serious damage if dogs bite.

7 : Aging in the case of dogs
Different category of dogs age differently but large dogs age faster compared to small dogs. A one-year-old pup reaches the physical maturity of a human as old as fifteen years.

8 : Incredible ability to smell
The sense, when compared to humans, is almost 1000 to million times better. This sense also varies from each category of dog it is. This increase can be closely analyzed by the number of smell detecting glands and the part of brain processing that data.

9 : Long hearing range
Dogs can hear sound from a long distance. Another amazing fact is that puppies are mostly born deaf. But they can overcome the hearing capacity of a human very fast. They can hear four times better than human.

10 : Understand your emotions
It is said that our scent changes when our emotion’s change. Dogs use their amazing ability to smell to detect a change in our feelings. This also considered to be a reason how dogs can detect some diseases in humans.
From these points, it is clear how dogs have influenced the life of most humans. Even dogs miss us show a different type of behavior when their owner is out for a long time. .

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10 interesting facts about Lions

10 interesting facts about Lions

Move in Groups
Lions have always this habit of staying in a close proximity to each other and always remain in their groups called as pride. Not a single lion moves out of the group in order to hunt as there always is a danger of wildlife poaching and hunting.

2 : Females the Superior Hunters
Females in the group or the pride do most of the killing and attacking the prey and hunt mainly because they are the ones who have to ensure food for their family. The tactics and strategies employed by the female lions are very effectively planned and deployed that ensure the prey doesn't bow out of their grasp and flee away.

3 : Lazy Lions
Not many people would know and believe this, but Lions are one of the laziest animals in the wildlife nature and often spend most of the day lazing and sleeping and goofing around. They have a habit of sleeping for the most part of the day, around 16 to 20 hours and have few of the glands in their body that need them to rest for the most part in the day and be very active and agile at the night.

4 : A Symbol of Might used by the Egyptians
Lions were often considered as the mascot of power and might used by the Egyptians and considered them as their main symbol of war. This is one of the reasons that made Sphinx, the great mighty sculpture in Egypt to have the head of a lion.

5 : Lioness do Care
Legend has it that the Lioness mothers do take care of their family to a great extent and even the cubs that have failed to grow up predominantly are taken care of by the mothers.

6 : Amazing Night Vision
Lions boast off having an amazing night vision that gives them an added advantage over their enemy or the prey they are looking forward to. Studies have shown that the night vision of lions is 5 times stronger than the humans.

7 : Manes judge the Masculinity
The manes of the male lions are very dark and denser and are found only in the male lions. Manes is considered to be the constraint that gives a check on the health issues of the lions and also shows their superiority.

8 : King of the Jungle
Lions are worldwide considered to be the mascot for strength, valor and courage and often many gyms and fitness centers show up the lions just to encourage people.

9 : Roar to Communicate
Lions use roar as a defense mechanism in order to make others know of their present position and I they are in any kind of danger.

10 : Mode of entertainment
Lions even today are considered as the means of entertainment as they are used up in the zoo and circus performances of US and UK..

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10 Interesting facts about Sharks

10 Interesting facts about Sharks

Oceanic Predator
Sharks have always been the savage beasts among the scenic life beneath the waves which is inhabited by innumerable creatures with great valour. Their fast-twitch muscles and super strong teeth make sharks, one of the most fearsome beasts of the oceanic world.

2 : Species of sharks
Many of us are unaware of the copious species of sharks which are present in the sea. The various kinds of sharks which can be seen in the world are: Angel shark, Basking shark, Black tip shark, Blue shark, Bull shark, Cookie-cutter shark, Great white shark, Hammer-head shark, Mako shark, Nurse Shark, Port Jackson shark, Sand tiger shark, Spiny dog fish shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark, Thresher shark, White tip reef shark, Wobbegong shark and Zebra shark.

3 : Life since the Devonian Age
For over 430 million years, sharks have been frightfully living on our seas. These beasts have survived around five planet extinctions which have even killed dinosaurs. So, the appearance of sharks dates back since the period of Devonian age.

4 : Razor-sharp teeth
One of sharks pristine features is its teeth which can even devour the hardest of boat hulls in seconds. Sharks used to shed their teeth frequently and these teeth which end up on the ocean floor, gets covered with sand and soon soaks up certain sediments like calcite and silicon oxide which turns their colour into brown. On an average, a shark can grow about 30,000 teeth in its lifetime.

5 : Big appetizer
As we all know, larger sharks can even devour even a dolphin or a sea lion. On an average, these beasts can eat up to 12 tons of food a year which is 24 times more than the food eaten by an average human-being in a year.

6 : Whale sharks
Whale sharks are one of the largest species of fish in the world. These sharks can grow up to a length of 45 feet and weigh about 21.5 tonnes. The lifespan of these sharks is generally around 70 years and are proven to be found only in deep waters whose temperature is below 22 Degree Celsius.

7 : Fish, but not mammals
Sharks are certainly not mammals; they are a species of fish with a skeleton. These skeletons differ from the other terrestrials organisms as the cartilages are both durable and flexible. Another interesting phenomena, is that sharks do not have lungs which breathe air. They used to breathe by passing water through their gills.

8 : Ovoviviparous
Being cold-blooded animals, most of the sharks in existence are ovoviviparous, as the eggs of these sharks hatches within the oviduct of the mother sharks. The young ones continue to be nourished through this way until the eggs are hatched.

9 : Communication through body language
One of the most peculiar qualities of these species is that they can communicate with other beings through body language. One can also easily identify that, when a shark moves in a zigzag or a back and forth pattern, it clearly shows that the shark is not feeling comfortable at the moment.

10 : Non meat-eaters
Not all types of sharks feed on meat; there are some types which feed only on small planktons and weeds in the sea. An estimated of 97% of sharks are non-meat-eaters which many of us are yet to know. .

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10 interesting facts about Alligators

10 interesting facts about Alligators

The Reptilian Ménage
One of the prime most things that make everyone ambivalent regarding alligators is that they would fallaciously come to a conclusion that both crocodiles and alligators are the same, but they are certainly not. Both the species belong to the same reptilian family of the same order but differ in their nature and external appearances.

2 : Species
Alligators are mainly classified into two different species namely the American alligator (which is quite the more sublime of the two) and the other one being the Chinese alligator. American alligators are mostly found in Florida along the south-eastern part of America whereas Chinese alligators are found along the Yangtze River but these are a much endangered species and are found quite only a few in numbers.

3 :Food preferences
Unlike crocodiles, alligators are not strict carnivores. They also consume fruits and can even act upon as the potential seed dispersers which help to maintain the flow of the ecosystem, which is not seen much in the case of other reptiles.

4 :Habitat
Alligators often stay in groups which are collectively referred as 'Congregations'. Like crocodiles, alligators are slow in movement in the land while they are far more aggressive when hunting underwater with speeds up to 20 mph. These creatures used to live in freshwater environments along the marshlands and wetlands.

5 :Physical nature
In comparison with crocodiles, alligators are far less aggressive and have a much darker external appearance. They have shorter, wider heads to hunt down preys easily. Their skin is robust and is strong enough to tackle attacks from its enemies. An average adult alligator can weigh up to 360kgs and grows up to 4 meters in length.

6 :Pioneers of hunting
Alligators are pioneers of hunting as they used to purposely gather sticks above their snouts so that they can invite birds and other miniature creatures within striking distance. This innovative approach towards hunting is seldom found in other reptiles other than alligators.

7 :Exemplary climbers
While approaching an alligator, it is a necessity to keep your distance away from them as they can easily climb walls and trees when provided the required inclination needed for the jump. This helps them to hunt down prey from distances as well.

8 :Reproduction
Alligators usually attain maturity when they grow up to lengths of 1.8 meters. These reptiles used to mate during late spring and while doing so, these animals used to produce an infrasound and form a group courtship which zoologists referred as 'alligator dances'.

9 :The second aorta
The second aorta is a special kind of blood vessel found in alligators which help them to rapidly break down food in their tiny stomachs. Juveniles can intake food up to 23% of their total body weight as this vessel helps it to produce strong stomach acids to digest faster.

10 :Reptilian forbearers
It is found that alligators exist in this world ever since the dawn of dinosaurs as many recovered fossils indicated that many unwary dinosaurs have been a part of the big reptile's diet in earlier days..

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