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Tipu Sultan's Wives

Tipu Sultan's Wives

1 : As all know Tipu Sultan practice, Islam religion, so it is a legal law of marriage in Islam that men can have 4 wives. The history of Mysore tiger also specifies this that the king Tipu Sultan also groomed himself for three times. Even some claim that Tipu Sultan married four beautiful ladies not three but still there is no official claiming found on that.

Tipu Sultan was married for the first time at the blooming age of 24 years, in the year 1774 and last at the age when he was ruling over Mysore at 49 in the year 1796.

The Sultan of Mysore married two ladies at the same event, one was chosen by his father Haider Ali and one lady of his own choice Ruqayya Banu. The lady of his father chose for him was the daughter of Imam Saheb Bakshi of Arcot, but later Haider was facing objections for the same because of some rumors were there about the lady's character and purity. Despite those unpleasant rumors, he stuck upon his decision so Tipu married the lady. On the other hand, his own choice Ruqayya Banu was the daughter of brave fighter Lala Mian and sister of great commander fame Burhanuddin.

The Haider Ali's choice, who was the daughter of Imam Saheb Bakshi was the lead wife among all of Tipu Sultan's queens, so she was called as Padshah Begam, whereas Ruqayya Banu become the mother of Tipu's numerous children. In fact among all the wives of Tipu Sultan's choice was his only lady known to him since childhood and Tipu himself proposed her to be his would be wife in early age. Both the lads were having the love relationship from the early friendship.

In somehow during the span of his 46 years he again married Khadija Zaman Begum, who was the daughter of his own court mate Saiyid Saheb, who served Tipu Sultan was later his father-in-law. As Khadija Zaman Begum was her last wife the third one who died during childbirth. So as per contemporary records and British official inquiries of Harem, Tipu Sultan was polygamous king as had three wives.

Some other sources claim that Mysore Tiger, Tipu Sultan's one wife Sindh Sahiba was weel known for as a ''Beauty with Brain'' as because she was inherited with charming beauty with the brain full of intelligence.

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