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10 Interesting facts about platypus

10 Interesting facts about platypus

1 : Blend of various animals
The platypus is an amalgamation of different animals. It has the bill of a duck, smooth flowing body of an otter, steamrolled tail of a beaver and the webbed feet of a duck. The webbed feet make the platypus an immensely good swimmer but a clumsy land walker.

2 : Teeth
It is a fact that it is only baby platypus that has teeth. Adult platypus does not have teeth. They do not even seem to need them. They utilize gravel to shatter and splinter any food that they have trouble chewing.

3 : Stomach
The platypus does not have stomachs. According to the history of the evolution of the platypus, its ancestors had stomachs but somehow the modern platypus managed to advance without the need of producing stomachs. Scientists guess this might be due to the fact that their diet stopped needing stomachs to aid in the digestion of food and hence they lost the genes that would aid in the formation of a new stomach, meaning they probably would never form stomachs again.

4 : Egg giving mammals
It is a general idea that to categorize whether a living being is a mammal or not to see whether it gives birth to living beings or whether it lays eggs. Platypus, in spite of being a mammal, lays down eggs. Hence, scientists and researchers have categorized this oddball into a ‘monotreme’. The only other creature to get classified into this category, besides the platypus, is the echidna.

5 : Electrolocation
The platypus uses the technique of electrolocation from its extremely sensitive bill. Electrolocation is the process through which the platypus searches for its food by sending out electric signals. The bill of the platypus is so sensitive that it can hunt relying solely on its bill without using its eyes or nose.

6 : Venomous
The platypus is one of the very few poisonous mammals. The male species of the platypus has poisonous spurs which only make venom when the season of the mating of mating arrives. The male platypus solely utilizes these spurs to forestall other males competing against him and against various predators.

7 : Giant ancestors
The scientists claim that the modern platypus has originated from giant platypuses, meaning the huge versions of the modern day platypus. Researchers have found the basis of a double sized of the modern platypus existing in the ancient times.

8 : Fur
The fur of the platypus is thick and sleek. It is also known for its quality of being waterproof. The fur of the platypus is renowned by traders of fur. Some used their fur as rugs in their homes as decoration.

9 : Considered a hoax
The scientists, when the platypus was first spotted, believed that spotting to be a hoax. They took the skeleton sent to them as someone pulling a prank on them.

10 : Found in limited area
The platypus is found solely in the east part of the continent of Australia. This platypus cannot be seen in the wild.