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10 interesting facts about heroin
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10 interesting facts about heroin

Heroin was initially considered to be non-addictive. But latest scientific experiments have proved it to be highly addictive and cause many health problems. It was once used as a medicine to remove addiction from Morphine. It is known in various other names by different people. Some interesting facts about Heroine are discussed below.

1 : High addiction
It enters the brain very quickly whichever method is used to inject it into the body. Later the body develops a tolerance to this compound. Hence more and more would be required to get the similar effect as the first. This develops an addiction.

2 : First supplied as medicine
Heroin was developed as a medicine to stop addiction to morphine. When it was first to introduce in 1898 in was supplied through medical shops. It was also considered as a cure for tuberculosis.

3 : High price
The price of a standard bag of heroin over a decade ago was 50-150 dollars. This was for a purity of 2-3%. This was decreased to almost 10% for a standard bag with a purity of 7-10%. Pure heroin has very high popularity as it can be smoked. Heroin has to be injected to the human body if it is of low purity. That is the main reason for the high popularity of pure standard heroin.

4 : Death of its discoverer
The person who discovered heroin was dead because of its addiction. Heinrich Dreser, who invented heroin, is regarded as a heroin addict himself. Another alternate for aspirin which he used is also considered as another cause.

5 : Heroin as cheese
A mixture of heroin and Tylenol PM is called commonly as heroin cheese. It is a medicine sold for common cold through normal medical shops. It slows down basic metabolisms and causes death.

6 : Sleepy feeling always
Heroin can destroy the feeling of being awake and makes the user sleepy. It acts as a sedative for the user. In such a situation the person will not wake when shaken. This is a good feeling for the addict. Later on, this will lead to excessive sedation.

7 : Smuggling of heroin
When the bad effects of heroin were understood, it was banned in almost all the countries. Smuggling was the only method to transport heroin to different countries. It was mostly carried inside the human body.

8 : Addiction to babies
If heroin is consumed when a baby is inside mother’s womb, the baby can be born addict to heroin. This physical addiction should be avoided as it might prove risk for the baby’s life.

9 : Senses become dull
It is often noticed that the senses of the heroin addict decrease with time. Senses like taste and smell gradually decrease.

10 : Addiction and quitting
It takes almost 72 hours for the withdrawal symptoms to take effect on the subject. After this, it takes a few months to completely recover. The addiction is so intense that it is very difficult for someone to come clean from addiction. Understanding the seriousness of the health effects caused by the heroin, it is illegal to consume heroin in almost all countries. Even teenagers as old as 9 years old are getting addicted to heroin.