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10 interesting facts about fashion designers
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10 interesting facts about fashion designers

The glitzy setting, the jazzed up lighting, funky backdrop audio and the oomph factor up by quite a few notches- a fashion show is a different world altogether. And fashion designers are among the natives. These inhabitants that sustain this world are quite unique themselves. Every profession has its quirks but fashion is something that many, including myself, do not understand. Here?s how the view is for a complete outsider.

1 : Peculiarity
The more peculiar they are the better are their odds. They are creative in the most uncommon and peculiar ways when it comes to clothing and that seems to do the trick. What’s normal for us is too simple, mundane or lacking potential in this place.

2 : Memory Power
They have a superb memory, especially when it comes to details. Trust a fashion designer to remember the exact moment when another designer had fallout and with which creation too.

3 : Design Process Companion
A constant companion is the mobile. With the continuous process involved in the design, they’re always at the mercy of the phone.

4 : Fabrics and specifications
They know a lot about fabrics. Show them some material and they’ll plunge into so many specifications they can beat an engineer bragging about his latest laptop. You’ll have to stop and say, forgive me but I used to call it soft.

5 : Fashion Show – Poker Face
They’re among the only ones who actually smile/laugh at a fashion show. The models maintain a poker face, the photographers are too serious and the audience too awed. For the designers, the place belongs to them.

6 : Stand Out Creations
They love their creations to stand out, even if it’s at the cost of practicality. Nobody wears (or rather can wear) those weird combinations out in the real world but does that seem to stop them? I think not.

7 : Cut-throat Competition
Fashion designers are very ambitious and determined. It’s a cut throat competition in this Red Queen’s race and focus and ambition is a must to survive it all.

8 : Power of Observation
Observation skill tends to be one of their strengths. Who else could have come up with tropical fruits as accessories, or pillow cases or tin foil for head gear? They take inspiration from anything and everything that they see.

9 : Glamor world
They seem to have a love-hate relationship with the glamor world. They tell starry-eyed fans how it’s not as dreamy and gorgeous as they think. There are dirty politics, media glare and a lot of criticism. On the other hand, they love it so much that just can’t get enough of it.

10 : Famous – the latest fad
Fashion designers tend to be bold and their sometimes bewildering designs speak for themselves. The more famous they get the bolder they can be. Once you’re famous you can run the risk of being stupid. It might work and there- you’ve started the latest fad. They need to be bold even otherwise in this tough and cynic world.