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10 Interesting facts about cheetahs

10 Interesting facts about cheetahs

Cheetahs synonymous to the word 'rapid' is and the only member of genus Acinonyx. Popularly known as the 'Greyhound of cats', cheetahs are Africa's endangered species. Let?s see what this feline has in store for us:

1 : Rudder Tails
The tail of Cheetah which is long (60 -84 cms) acts similar to a rudder in a boat and steers the direction providing it a natural torque while in pursuit of its prey. The tail also acts as a guide for the cubs not to lose track of its mom. The tip of the tail also varies in shade for each cheetah.

2 : Sunglasses
The tear marks which extend from their eyes to the end of jaw lines acts as a natural sunglass while scrutinizing their prey. This is technique is used by players by smearing black marks around their eyes to shield from sun rays.

3 : Mid-air sprinters
Cheetah’s leaping in mid – air can swiftly change their direction. This aspect of sprinting in midair is possessed only by these magnificent beasts as though an air glider ventures past its obstacles.

4 : Weak-hearted
Although praised for their pursuit, cheetahs are also the weakest of the ‘BIG CATS’. They cannot run for a continuous period as their hearts become weak after pumping so much of energy within a short span.

5 : Diurnal hunters
Cheetahs are good hunters and spot their prey from 5 km away and are appreciated for their binocular vision. The tactile hairs (whiskers) compensate their poor vision during the night by being extra sensitive to air currents and witness even slightest of the movements of its prey. However, in contrast, they have a poor vision during the night and that’s why they are called as diurnal creatures.

6 : Ship of the forest
Like camels, the water requirement of cheetahs is not on a frequent basis whereas they consume water 3 - 4 days and the food ingested provides them the necessary saline and water content.

7 : Sensual communicators
As members of the feline family, cheetahs don’t roar whereas they the purr, chirp, and beat. They are remarkable to produce distinct facial emotions and gestures according to their moods along with their body language.

8 : Camouflage
The young cubs have a grizzly silver –grey mantle down their back which resembles a honey badger. This mantle develops after a period of 3 months and withers off when it reaches its adolescence period. Cheetahs, right from their infancy are splendid camouflaging animals.

9 : Food and chase
Cheetahs don’t chase their prey instead they stay patient and attack them. The spot of attack is mostly plain and it kills its prey by sucking its blood and stopping its blood flow until the prey collapses.

10 : Ever ready mating beasts
Like other animals, they don’t have a particular season to mate. The female has 90-95 days of gestation period and always females live in a solitary pack after finishing their duty of raising their cubs.