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10 interesting facts about alcohol
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10 interesting facts about alcohol

1 : Alcohol Tolerance
A person with the more fat body has lesser alcohol tolerance than a muscular person. Alcohol is more effectively absorbed by water-rich muscle tissues. In the study, it is found that the person with the blue eye is having more alcohol tolerance. The muscular or skinny persons are having more endurance.

2 : Effects of alcohol on man and woman
In the study, it is also found that if a man and a woman are drinking/consuming same amount of the alcohol, the woman is likely to be drunker and feel it. The reason behind this is the different level of the enzymes which involved in breaking alcohol down in man and women.

3 : The reaction of a brain on drinking of alcohol
Brain cells take around 6 seconds to react with the alcohol. Alcohol directly gets absorbs in the blood stream and do not gets digest in the stomach.

Antioxidant, a powerful one
As we know Red wine is having resveratrol, which is a very powerful antioxidant. It can be helpful for the heart health as it clears heart impurities. Although, it is a fact that alcohol can make us more energetic or dis-inhibited.

5 : Survey
A recent study suggests that people tends to drink faster when alcohol is served in curved glass than it is served in the straight glass.

6 : Effects of alcohol on sports person
For the professional shooter, alcohol is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug. Shooters usually drink alcohol to relax themselves and slow their heart rate for getting an edge. Both psychological and physiological processes get influenced by consumption of alcohol. As far as psychological, it is considered that alcohol may be benefit performance by increasing self-confidence, or by removing the psychological barrier which hinders the performance of a player.

7 : Digestion of alcohol
The liver usually takes an hour to process an ounce of liquid. The system becomes saturated and the extra alcohol gets accumulated in the blood until liver metabolized it, if a person drinks too much his stomach cannot digest this much amount of alcohol will not be accepted by the stomach and either excreted out or forced out of the normal system.

8 : Manufacturing of wine
For making one bottle of wine, one needs 600 pieces of grapes. Therefore for making one bottle of wine 2.4 pounds of grapes are required. Grapes are crushed and put in into the fermentation tank for the fermentation process. After this, the skin of the grapes is removed with the help of carbon dioxide which comes from the fermentation process.

9 : Effect of alcohol on health
Drinking of alcohol can lead to the various health benefits like it decreases the risk of gallstone formation, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore many healthcare professional suggest to drinks moderate alcohol but not too much.

10 : Treatment of alcoholic person
The treatment of alcoholism is done in Russia by many doctors. This is done by surgically implanting a tiny capsule into patients? body. The capsule reacts badly whenever people drink even a small amount of alcohol and help the person to avoid drinking of alcohol.