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Kabaddi History

Kabaddi History

1 : Though there are various sports, few traditional sports like Kabaddi will always have its popularity. The first form of Kabaddi were started from Southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. Kabaddi is believed to be derived from group hunting and village defense.
The modern standardized version with set of rules emerged through 1915-1920 from Maharashtra, India.

2 : International exposure for Kabaddi first received in Berlin Olympics in 1936. It was first demonstrated by the Mr. Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal from Maharastra, India.
Later in 1938 Indian National Games first introduced Kabaddi to a National Level Sport at Culcutta India.
The framed rules for the Sport came after the formation of All India Kabaddi Federation (AIKF) in 1950. These further led to the formation of Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India(AKFI) in 1973.

3 : Then under the chairmanship of Mr. Janardan Singh Gehlot the Asian Kabaddi Federation (AKF) was founded.

In 1979 further improvement in international level took place when Mr. Sundar Ram of India introduced Kabaddi in Japan in his Japan tour for two months on behalf of Amateur Kabaddi Federation.
The first Asian Kabaddi Championship happened in 1980, India became champions and Bangladesh runner-up.
In 1990 the game was first included in Asian Games in Beijing. Countries India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh took part in it. India won the gold medal there.

India won the gold medal consecutively in six Asian Games.
Hiroshima in 1994
Bangkok in 1998
Busan in 2002
Doha in 2006
Guangzhou in 2010.