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Unknown facts about Zlatan Ibrahimovic; - Zlatanera

1 : Zlatan the psychic
When he was 16, Ibrahimovic was given an English assignment entitled: "Where will I be in Five Years?"
He responded that he will be a professional football player in Italy, making big money. In truth, it took Zlatan six years to reach his first Italian club Juventus, But it was still a pretty good prediction.

2 : Zlatan the Thief
When Ibrahimovic was a boy, he owned a bicycle that he treasured. The bike got stolen, so Zlatan started steeling himself. Once at Malmo, Zlatan cycled to training on a stolen bike which was then stolen from him. Zlatan stole another bike nearby and cycled home. Later that week the entire team was called into an emergency meeting. Apparently the assistant manager's bike had been stolen!

3 : Zlatan the Saint
After a tough first year at Ajax, Ibrahimovic failed to impress and was told he would move to Southampton. But, Zlatan stood up to his manager and declined the move, electing to prove himself at Ajax instead, eventually earning his move to Juventus.

4 : The Origins of 'Zlatan'. Zlatan TM
The name 'Zlatan' is a name of South Slavic origin and means 'Golden'. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has genuinely trademarked his own first name. This apparently applies to a wide range of goods including hair care products, vehicles, beer and more importantly-clothing.

5 : Zlatan in the Dictionary
In Sweden, Ibrahimovic even has his own word in the dictionary 'Zlatanera' means dominate or clear with force. This new word – ‘Zlatanera’ – is now official Swedish dictionaries from 2013. The word was originally used on a popular satirical French puppet show (Les Guignols). It taken up by the Swedes since the show joked everyone being in awe of Zlatan.

6 : Zlatan UCL record
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only player to have scored for six different clubs in the Champions league. Although has remarkably never won the trophy.

7 : Zlatons Idol
Ibrahimovic grew up idolizing 'El Fenomeno' Ronaldo and describes him as the 'best player of all the time'. Both of them followed similar paths in their careers. They played in AC Milan and Barcelona, Also rose to prominence while playing in the Eredivisie.

8 : Zlatan's pitch
Zlatan began playing football aged six on a gravel pitch near his house. In 2007 he transformed the pitch, with Nike's help, into a modern facility. 'Zlatan Court', as the pitch is known now, carries the message: 'Here is my heart. Here is my story. Here is my play. Take it further Zlatan'

9 : Taekwondo Black Belt
Zlatan is a martial art expert. He earned a black belt in Taekwondo when he was only 17 in Malmo. In 2010 while playing in Cereal he received an honorary black belt from the Italian national Taekwondo team.

10 : 'Le Zlatan'. The Zlatan Burger
Paris restaurant created a signature dish as a tribute to Ibra. The French restaurateur also challenged the Swede to visit the restaurant and finish the monster burger. The burger, just like Zlatan is big enough combining 600 grams of mince beef with onions, bacon and different types of cheese.