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Top 10 Unknown Facts about Neymar da Silva Santos Jśnior

1 : He was about to join Real Madrid
At the age of 10 Neymar travelled to Spain to discuss a possible move to real Madrid. He stayed there 19 days in the final selection camp where he scored 27 goals. Real Madrid were too impressed with him and want to get signed immediately. But in the last minute, Santos came into the screen and got stayed in Brazil.

2 : Westham Prospect
He got lots of offers while he was playing for Santos. In 2010 the London Club Westham offered 12 Million Pounds for the 18 year old Neymar. Later Chelsea also made a try for 20 Million Pounds. The Offer from Chelsea was also turned down on the advice of Pele.

3 : Magazine Star
Neymar is the only Brazilian footballer who came on the cover page of time Magazine.

4 : Sponsorship Gold
Neymar came as world’s remarkable athlete in 2012 and 2013 backing up the megastars Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt and Lewis Hamilton.

5 : Young Dad
Neymar became father at 19 years of Age. His Son Davi Lucca was born in was born in August of 2011 in Sao Polo. At first there was not much information about mothers Identity. Later he revealed it as Carolina Nogueira Dantas.

6 : Not included in the 2010 World Cup Squad
Even Neymar is exceptionally talented, He was not included in Dunga (Brazilian Coach ) squad. Ex Brazilian footballers Pele and Romario pleaded him to add anymore to the squad. Along with the petition of 14 thousand fans to add him. But He was not even in the standby list. He made his debut match against the United States

7 : Comic Book Hero
Neymar like other Brazilian footballing legends like Pele, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho has his own comic book series. In 2013 the Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa published his first comic book series with baby versions of Neymar as the main character. The first issue was named as 'The boy with talent'.

8 : Expensive Acquisition
Neymar was reported to be the ninth most expensive acquisition. Apparently costing 57 million Euros. This surprised everyone of that time and for good reason. Because reports are there he was actually bought for 86 Million Euros. All of that virtually makes him fourth expensive player of all time behind Saurez, Ronaldo and Bale.

9 : 20th birthday was a special day for him. He reached the milestone of 100 professional goals on his 20th birthday. In 2011 and 2012 he won the South American Footballer of the Year Award.

10 : At the age of 11, Neymar played Futsal and street pickup games in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started his career playing for Santo's Junior team.