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10 interesting facts about Penguins
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10 interesting facts about Penguins

Penguins are the creatures that are totally found in the cold and frozen areas. Those are warm-blooded animals which will always be habitable in cold icebergs of Southern Hemisphere and exist in large flocks and depend on each other for their survival. There are various facts that give an insight into the existence of penguins:

1 : Bright Colour Patterns
Penguins have amazing coloring scheme that lets them deceive the creature. They have a very decent color pattern under their skin that hides beneath the water and above the water body, they have a different pattern of color formations that appear very nice and sleek and hence lead them to flow swiftly without any obstruction.

2 :Southern Hemisphere
Penguins exist mostly in the southern part of the Earth and are not found anywhere in the northern regions, almost all the 16 species of the penguins are found in the southern region only.

3 : Egg nurturing
In most of the cases consisting of Penguins, it is the male that nurtures the egg and the future offspring whereas the female partner goes in hunt for the food and arranges for the family to have food. Due to the absence of females, males have developed this feature of storing enough fat to last long by the time the female returns from its hunt for food.

4 : No Danger
Since there is a dearth of animals and creatures in the southern hemisphere where the penguins can themselves thrive and live, they have developed this habit of not being in any kind of danger and fear of being attacked, they have thus developed this trait of theirs in response to the tourists as well and often get very close to them when getting clicked.

5 : Quickest Penguin
The fastest penguin among all the other penguins that exists in the present world is the Gentoo Penguin that can sail to about 21 miles per hour.

6 : Little Blue Ones
Smallest Penguin is the little blue penguins that are just of a mere 16 inches and even then, they are quite agile and have a steady movement of their own.

7 : The Emperors
Largest Penguin is the Emperor Penguins that are nearly 4 feet tall and have been properly built up and made to flow across the hemisphere.

8 : Saline Content
Penguins take in a lot of seawater from the sea when they are in the middle of hunting for the fishes and hence a lot of saline content gets mixed up. Yet they have their sweat gland that filters out the saline contamination and helps them be fresh again back.

9 : Shed their Feathers
Penguins shed their feathers and the hair follicles in their body all at one go and often begin to grow them all at once. At the time when they have entirely shed their feathers, they stay underneath the land regions and seldom do they resurface out and live in close proximity with the other creatures.

10 : A large chunk
Penguins have a habit of staying in a large chunk of numbers and they often breed together in large numbers and are very homebound as they will retreat back to the same habitat of theirs where they were raised during the last season as well.