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10 interesting facts about Oklahoma

10 interesting facts about Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the interesting places in the United States with some its unique historical importance. It hosts the Cowboy National Hall of fame and has more man-made lakes in the world.

1 : Once a hot and dry place
Oklahoma was once on the equator and hence was hot and dry. This is not the same for now but is considered a fact by scientists. This is during the Triassic period. This location can be traced back to more than 200 million years ago.

2 : Renowned for cow chips
A cow chip is a dried piece of cow dung. It is regarded as cow chip throwing capital of the world. They even host an annual cow chip throwing competition which is famous for its uniqueness.

3 : Invented the voicemail system
Voicemails have made at least some our life’s easier. This was first introduced in Oklahoma. This was patented back in 1982. This electronic voice message system was invented by Gordon in Tulsa. This invention soon became very popular and so many people benefited from it.

4 : An official fossil for the state
Saurophaganax Maximus is considered as the official fossil of the state. It was found in the early 1930’s from Cimarron County. The fossil was reconstructed then and made the official fossil. It is preserved in the Museum of Natural History in Sam Noble.

5 : Tornado forecast system
The first tornado forecast system was introduced in the state of Oklahoma. It was first implemented in the Tinker Air Force base. Using this it was able to provide possible tornado warnings from 1948.

6 : An official state meal
Oklahoma State has an official state meal which would be approximately 2200 calories for an average serving. The meal is a mouth-watering combination of barbecue pork, chicken, sausages, biscuits and much more. This is a meal that makes anyone hungry.

7 : Official state insect
Bees are considered as the state’s official insect. It is a true understanding that bees are critical to the existence of some plants and hence humans for some reasons. They also promote the use of beeswax and honey.

8 : The origin of the States name
The word Oklahoma itself means red people. It is based on Choctaw Indian word. Historians have reason to believe that the name was first used by a Spanish explorer. They also believe that the name came from the color of the people of Oklahoma during his exploration.

9 : Invention of shopping cart
The shopping carts and shopping baskets that we use now can be traced back to folding basket carriers used in a supermarket chain called Piggly Wiggly in Oklahoma City. It soon became very convenient for the customers and was adopted around the globe.

10 : Largest producer of Iodine
The United States is the third largest producer of Iodine in the world. This credit is provided by the Oklahoma State as it is the sole contributor to Iodine production in the United States. They also contribute to the total export of goods as most of the Iodine is exported to other countries. These facts show the importance of Oklahoma in the world. These unique characteristics make it stand out not only in the United States but also among the world countries.