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10 Unknown Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

1 : Ronaldo was kicked out of school at the age of 14.
Ronaldo may be good in boots on the pitch. But at age of 14 he was expelled out of his school. He was kicked out of school because he threw a chair at the teacher. The reason was the teacher disrespected him allegedly mocking his Madeiran accent. Ronaldo's mum Dolores encouraged him to focus all his attention on football.

2 : Ronaldo footballing career was almost over before even it began.
It was due to the heart surgery at the age of 15.
He had laser surgery to correct his raising heart beat A condition that might have forced him to give up the footballing career. Ronaldo's surgery took place in the morning and was discharged by the end of afternoon to continue his training few days later.

3 : Unusual training methods
In his teenage days to improve his speed and technic, Ronaldo used to take up weight on his knees thinking that without weight he could do faster and even better.
With his extra ordinary speed and power you could say his training methods has paid off handsomely.

4 : He was passed over Liverpool to join Manchester United.
Before signing with Manchester United in 2003, Gerard Houllier the Liverpool boss at 2003 confirmed that he lost the chance of signing Ronaldo once he turned down for some reasons. Everyone still wonders the impact of Ronaldo if he had joined with Liverpool.
The rest they say is history!
In his 196 appearances at Old Trafford, Ronaldo scored 84 times. On the go with Sir Alex Ferguson he helped him to land on three Premier League titles, Two league cups, One FA Cup, The FIFA Club World Cup and the 2007 Champions League.

5 : Snapped Up by FERGIE
In 2003 the Eighteen year old Ronaldo played against Manchester United for Sporting Lisbon in a pre-season friendly. Ronaldo played so well that the defense team had to rethink about their capability.
At the end of the game where scores came to 3-1, John O'Shea, Gary Neville and Roy Keane ask Sir Alex Ferguson to buy Ronaldo. Sir Alex has already set his mind to buy Ronaldo. Within a week Ronaldo was revealed as United Player.

6 : CR7
Ronaldo initially rejected the chance to wear the Iconic Number 7 shirt as he was too worried about the pressure came to the legends who wore it. The legends like George Best, Eric Cantona and David Beckham were in Number 7 for Manchester United. Ronaldo was in number 28 in Sporting Lisbon.
Sir Alex knew the influence and legacy with Number 7 for Ronaldo in Old Trafford. Incidentally, after moving to Real Madrid he wore the number 9 during his first season before inheriting his favorite number 7 from the legendary Raul.

7 : CR7 – The Brand
Ronaldo is known for a bit fashionista. Along with His two sisters opened their own fashion boutique in the island of Madeira in Portugal in 2006. Thereafter they expanded to Lisbon in 2008. The stores include Jeans with Leather, Belts, and Shoes.

8 : Tattoos
With a resume like Cristaino Ronaldo you might assume the Portuguese super stars could have celebrated their victory with one or two tattoos. Ronaldo abstained from it so that he could donate blood.
In many countries a new tattoo can affect how often can donate blood. And Ronaldo is keen to help organizations. In Dec 2012 he also joined FIFA 11 FOR HEALTH program to raise awareness amongst the kids.

Ronaldo was the inaugural winner of the FIFA PUSKAS AWARD. The award was created in 2009 to honor legendary Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskás.
It's all about awarding the best goal of the year. In a career where Ronaldo has pretty much everything under the sun the only reason Ronaldo must win this too. Something like a screamer goal scored from 40 yards against Porto which helped Manchester united to reach into the semifinals of the EUFA Champions League.

Ronaldo won his 100th cap in 2012 for the national team in a World Cup qualification match against northern island.
He achieved this at the age of 27 years 8 months and 11 days. Becoming the third youngest European ever to reach in that process after many legends.