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10 interesting facts about Dogs

10 interesting facts about Dogs

1 : Close proximity to a child just beginning to walk
The brain of a dog can be compared to a child who is just beginning to walk. They can understand an almost equal number of gestures and words. This can be considered both dogs and small children are quite good friends.

2 : Drinking water
Dogs drink water the same way as a cat. They always tend to make the place messy while drinking water. They use their tongue to make a channel for water to reach their inner mouth. They use only the tip of their tongue to touch the container.

3 : Human-like conscious for time
Dogs have a sense of time similar to that of humans. It is often found that dogs have an understanding about time and knows when it is time to eat or wake up. They study these habits from their owner. They also tend to miss their owner when they are gone.

4 : Whiskers are used for night vision
Similar to humanís dogs cannot see in the dark. But they can use their whiskers to detect even the slightest movement in the air current. This can help them to detect the speed and distance of an approaching danger.

5 : Sweat glands on their foot
Dogs have special sweat glands on their foot as it can help them to keep their foot wet. This can be extremely lifesaving while walking on a hot surface. This can be considered as one of the reasons dogsí pants as a method to cool down.

6 : Dangerous mouth
They have almost ten extra teethís compared to humans. These are extremely sharp made for their self-defence. The also exert a force of 320 pounds compared to the 120 pounds of humans. These together can bring serious damage if dogs bite.

7 : Aging in the case of dogs
Different category of dogs age differently but large dogs age faster compared to small dogs. A one-year-old pup reaches the physical maturity of a human as old as fifteen years.

8 : Incredible ability to smell
The sense, when compared to humans, is almost 1000 to million times better. This sense also varies from each category of dog it is. This increase can be closely analyzed by the number of smell detecting glands and the part of brain processing that data.

9 : Long hearing range
Dogs can hear sound from a long distance. Another amazing fact is that puppies are mostly born deaf. But they can overcome the hearing capacity of a human very fast. They can hear four times better than human.

10 : Understand your emotions
It is said that our scent changes when our emotionís change. Dogs use their amazing ability to smell to detect a change in our feelings. This also considered to be a reason how dogs can detect some diseases in humans.
From these points, it is clear how dogs have influenced the life of most humans. Even dogs miss us show a different type of behavior when their owner is out for a long time.