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10 interesting facts about Lions

10 interesting facts about Lions

Lions, the king of the jungle as they are called have quite properly stood up to the name given to them as they are the ones who rule the jungle. The mighty lions have a majestic demeanor of their own and don't get intimidated by any other animal in the jungle. No wonder they are the king of the jungle as they redefine what being superior means in the real time having shown their own charge and rule of the jungle. Few of the amazing facts are mentioned about lions in the following passage they may interest you to a great deal.

1 : Move in Groups
Lions have always this habit of staying in a close proximity to each other and always remain in their groups called as pride. Not a single lion moves out of the group in order to hunt as there always is a danger of wildlife poaching and hunting.

2 : Females the Superior Hunters
Females in the group or the pride do most of the killing and attacking the prey and hunt mainly because they are the ones who have to ensure food for their family. The tactics and strategies employed by the female lions are very effectively planned and deployed that ensure the prey doesn't bow out of their grasp and flee away.

3 : Lazy Lions
Not many people would know and believe this, but Lions are one of the laziest animals in the wildlife nature and often spend most of the day lazing and sleeping and goofing around. They have a habit of sleeping for the most part of the day, around 16 to 20 hours and have few of the glands in their body that need them to rest for the most part in the day and be very active and agile at the night.

4 : A Symbol of Might used by the Egyptians
Lions were often considered as the mascot of power and might used by the Egyptians and considered them as their main symbol of war. This is one of the reasons that made Sphinx, the great mighty sculpture in Egypt to have the head of a lion.

5 : Lioness do Care
Legend has it that the Lioness mothers do take care of their family to a great extent and even the cubs that have failed to grow up predominantly are taken care of by the mothers.

6 : Amazing Night Vision
Lions boast off having an amazing night vision that gives them an added advantage over their enemy or the prey they are looking forward to. Studies have shown that the night vision of lions is 5 times stronger than the humans.

7 : Manes judge the Masculinity
The manes of the male lions are very dark and denser and are found only in the male lions. Manes is considered to be the constraint that gives a check on the health issues of the lions and also shows their superiority.

8 : King of the Jungle
Lions are worldwide considered to be the mascot for strength, valor and courage and often many gyms and fitness centers show up the lions just to encourage people.

9 : Roar to Communicate
Lions use roar as a defense mechanism in order to make others know of their present position and I they are in any kind of danger.

10 : Mode of entertainment
Lions even today are considered as the means of entertainment as they are used up in the zoo and circus performances of US and UK.