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10 interesting facts about Alligators

10 interesting facts about Alligators

1 : The Reptilian Ménage
One of the prime most things that make everyone ambivalent regarding alligators is that they would fallaciously come to a conclusion that both crocodiles and alligators are the same, but they are certainly not. Both the species belong to the same reptilian family of the same order but differ in their nature and external appearances.

2 : Species
Alligators are mainly classified into two different species namely the American alligator (which is quite the more sublime of the two) and the other one being the Chinese alligator. American alligators are mostly found in Florida along the south-eastern part of America whereas Chinese alligators are found along the Yangtze River but these are a much endangered species and are found quite only a few in numbers.

3 :Food preferences
Unlike crocodiles, alligators are not strict carnivores. They also consume fruits and can even act upon as the potential seed dispersers which help to maintain the flow of the ecosystem, which is not seen much in the case of other reptiles.

4 :Habitat
Alligators often stay in groups which are collectively referred as 'Congregations'. Like crocodiles, alligators are slow in movement in the land while they are far more aggressive when hunting underwater with speeds up to 20 mph. These creatures used to live in freshwater environments along the marshlands and wetlands.

5 :Physical nature
In comparison with crocodiles, alligators are far less aggressive and have a much darker external appearance. They have shorter, wider heads to hunt down preys easily. Their skin is robust and is strong enough to tackle attacks from its enemies. An average adult alligator can weigh up to 360kgs and grows up to 4 meters in length.

6 :Pioneers of hunting
Alligators are pioneers of hunting as they used to purposely gather sticks above their snouts so that they can invite birds and other miniature creatures within striking distance. This innovative approach towards hunting is seldom found in other reptiles other than alligators.

7 :Exemplary climbers
While approaching an alligator, it is a necessity to keep your distance away from them as they can easily climb walls and trees when provided the required inclination needed for the jump. This helps them to hunt down prey from distances as well.

8 :Reproduction
Alligators usually attain maturity when they grow up to lengths of 1.8 meters. These reptiles used to mate during late spring and while doing so, these animals used to produce an infrasound and form a group courtship which zoologists referred as 'alligator dances'.

9 :The second aorta
The second aorta is a special kind of blood vessel found in alligators which help them to rapidly break down food in their tiny stomachs. Juveniles can intake food up to 23% of their total body weight as this vessel helps it to produce strong stomach acids to digest faster.

10 :Reptilian forbearers
It is found that alligators exist in this world ever since the dawn of dinosaurs as many recovered fossils indicated that many unwary dinosaurs have been a part of the big reptile's diet in earlier days.