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10 interesting facts about bats

10 interesting facts about bats

1 : Flying mammals
Yes, bats are flying mammals and they are the one only mammals among all who can fly and give birth to young animals like other mammals and they have a unique way of flying which is very different from how birds fly i.e. they flap only wings that are already spread out.

2 : Colors
Bats are always associated with dark colors i.e. black or brown which are very commonly seen. But along with black and brown bats also exist in different colors like orange and red or different shades of the colors like gray, reddish brown. They always hide in dark areas hence considered as black which is actually not true.

3 : Echolocation
Bats are very good in echolocation and the tuning of echolocation is also very high as they can detect the tiniest of an object like human hair also. They produce sound waves through their mouth and nose and when these waves hit objects they produce echo which returns to the ears of a bat.

4 : Eating habits
Bats mostly feed on insects and even as a small colony of bats can eat tons of insects in a short span. If we consider one bat it has capability of eating approximately 600 bugs in just one hour which if compare with humans is equivalent to a human being having at least 20 pizzas in a night.

5 : Species
Bats are divided into a large number of species. There are close to 1,240 species of bats available on earth, which is quite a high number and are divided into two classes i.e. flying foxes and micro bats.

6 : Vampire bats
Bats are always associated with a vampire and even a species naming vampire bats exist which can only feed on blood. Their main source of food is blood only and they don?t actually suck blood they just lap on the blood through heir's tongues. They also share it with other hungry vampire bats also.

7 : Geographical Area
Bats are found almost everywhere in the world on all the continents except one out of 7 continents i.e. Antarctica, they are even found in the north of Arctic circle , Argentina , the southern tip of South Africa and many other cold areas . But are supposed to be nonexistent in the whole continent of Antarctica.

8 : Symbol of Good Fortune
Bats are always associated with dark areas and hidden mysteries and people are afraid of them.
But in 2 countries i.e. Japan and China bats are considered good and the symbol of happiness. They are considered very good and are considered to bring good fortune in life. The bats are pronounced as fu, which means good fortune.

9 : Bats Wings
Whenever we see any bat, the first thing we can see is the wings of the bat. The bat wing compromises 95% area of the total surface body of the bat and its membrane is very important for a bat to maintain their body temperature , the water balance of the body and other daily activities.

10 : Bat Size
Bats exist in different shapes and size. The largest bat of the world is the 'Flying Fox' which have a total wingspan of around 6 feet and exist in South Pacific Islands whereas the smallest bat in the world is the 'Bumble Bee Bat' which is smaller than a thumbnail and exist in Thailand.