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10 Interesting facts about Sharks

10 Interesting facts about Sharks

1 : Oceanic Predator
Sharks have always been the savage beasts among the scenic life beneath the waves which is inhabited by innumerable creatures with great valour. Their fast-twitch muscles and super strong teeth make sharks, one of the most fearsome beasts of the oceanic world.

2 : Species of sharks
Many of us are unaware of the copious species of sharks which are present in the sea. The various kinds of sharks which can be seen in the world are: Angel shark, Basking shark, Black tip shark, Blue shark, Bull shark, Cookie-cutter shark, Great white shark, Hammer-head shark, Mako shark, Nurse Shark, Port Jackson shark, Sand tiger shark, Spiny dog fish shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark, Thresher shark, White tip reef shark, Wobbegong shark and Zebra shark.

3 : Life since the Devonian Age
For over 430 million years, sharks have been frightfully living on our seas. These beasts have survived around five planet extinctions which have even killed dinosaurs. So, the appearance of sharks dates back since the period of Devonian age.

4 : Razor-sharp teeth
One of sharks pristine features is its teeth which can even devour the hardest of boat hulls in seconds. Sharks used to shed their teeth frequently and these teeth which end up on the ocean floor, gets covered with sand and soon soaks up certain sediments like calcite and silicon oxide which turns their colour into brown. On an average, a shark can grow about 30,000 teeth in its lifetime.

5 : Big appetizer
As we all know, larger sharks can even devour even a dolphin or a sea lion. On an average, these beasts can eat up to 12 tons of food a year which is 24 times more than the food eaten by an average human-being in a year.

6 : Whale sharks
Whale sharks are one of the largest species of fish in the world. These sharks can grow up to a length of 45 feet and weigh about 21.5 tonnes. The lifespan of these sharks is generally around 70 years and are proven to be found only in deep waters whose temperature is below 22 Degree Celsius.

7 : Fish, but not mammals
Sharks are certainly not mammals; they are a species of fish with a skeleton. These skeletons differ from the other terrestrials organisms as the cartilages are both durable and flexible. Another interesting phenomena, is that sharks do not have lungs which breathe air. They used to breathe by passing water through their gills.

8 : Ovoviviparous
Being cold-blooded animals, most of the sharks in existence are ovoviviparous, as the eggs of these sharks hatches within the oviduct of the mother sharks. The young ones continue to be nourished through this way until the eggs are hatched.

9 : Communication through body language
One of the most peculiar qualities of these species is that they can communicate with other beings through body language. One can also easily identify that, when a shark moves in a zigzag or a back and forth pattern, it clearly shows that the shark is not feeling comfortable at the moment.

10 : Non meat-eaters
Not all types of sharks feed on meat; there are some types which feed only on small planktons and weeds in the sea. An estimated of 97% of sharks are non-meat-eaters which many of us are yet to know.