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10 interesting facts about bears

10 interesting facts about bears

1 : Species of Bears
Not many are aware how many species of bears are available there are total 8 species of bears present in the world that are Sun Bear, Sloth bear, Panda Bear, Andean Bear or Spectacled Bear, Asiatic black bear, Polar Bear, Brown Bear, North American Black Bear and few species have extinct over the time.

2 : Eating Habits
The bears are giant animals and can eat almost anything the Polar bears are considered to be the most carnivores of all the species and the other remaining 7 species are omnivores, Hence we consider only the Polar bear as a true carnivore and the most dangerous as per the eating habits.

3 : Running Speed
Bears are one of the fastest living beings on earth and can run at the speed of 40 miles per hour, While Usain Bolt the fastest human being can run at a speed of 27 mph hence bears can outrun him anytime and run fast enough to catch even a fast running horse.

4 : Koala bears
Koala bears have the name bear attached to them and one might consider them to the bear family, But the fact is that they are not related to bear family or species in any form and have just the tag named 'bear' attached to their names. They are marsupials, not bear.

5 : Mammal not animal
Bears are considered as animals and one of the most dangerous animals present on earth, But not many know that they are actually mammals, not animals and they belong to the class called Mammalia as they have mammary glands present. They are more precisely the mammals of the family Ursidae.

6 : Marine Mammal
Out of all the bear species, the only one which can swim is Polar bear. They are the only species who are efficient in swimming and are the marine mammal they can swim 200 miles without stopping in between that too at the amazing speed of 6-10 Km per hour.

7 : Bear and Fur
By looking at the bears they are considered as the furry animals and one whose whole body is covered with fur, But in actual only two species of bear are born with fur on their bodies i.e. Giant nada and Polar Bear and most bears are born without any trace of fur on their body

8 : Symbol of Power
Russia has a large number of bear populations in the country and bear is even the symbol of United Russian Party in Russia and they are considered as symbol of power and pride in Russian country. The most common species of bear available in Russia is Ursus arctos, the brown bear of Russia.

9 : Bear Intelligence
Bears are considered very smart and intelligent mammals of all and have a well-developed brain. They even get out of the traps very easily. They are even declared as one of the most intelligent land mammal in parts of North America.

10 : Bear Fur
Bears have two layers of fur, inner layer and outer layer of fur. The inner one is short and keep the bear body warm and protect from cold whereas the outer layer the longer layer of fur keeps the water away from the skin and short layer of fur protecting the bear.