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10 interesting facts about Gorillas

10 interesting facts about Gorillas

1 : Unbelievably shy nature
Unlike how the gorillas are pictured in movies gorillas are shy animals. Most movies show them as monstrous creatures they always try to avoid any conflicts with other animals even when other animals disturb them. They also have a vegetarian diet except some gorillas feed on termites.

2 : Incredible lifespan compared to other animals
They can live up to 50 years when raised under captivity. They live much less in the wild compared to when in captivity. The oldest gorilla is 59 years of age. In the forest, most gorillas live up to an age of 35 years. This is incredible compared to the lifespan of other animals in the forest.

3 : Unique nose prints
They have unique prints on their nose which is similar to the fingerprints in humans. They can be used to identify a particular gorilla. These nose prints are basically the wrinkles on the surface of the nose of a gorilla.

4 : The low rate of reproduction
The reproduction rate of female gorillas is single babies in 4 - 6 years. So in a total lifespan of a female gorilla they might have a maximum of three to four children. This low reproduction rate might lead to a decline in the gorilla species. So it is very important to keep the existing gorillas safe.

5 : Communication using gestures and chatter sounds
Gorillas have a special means to communicate with their babies. They use specific sounds like baby talk which is a type of chatter that can be understood by the babies. They also use gestures again and again which is believed to be understood by the baby.

6 : Nesting habit of gorillas
Gorillas have similar behaviors like humans. They tend build nest for them to sleep. These are mostly made of branches and leaves which offer comfort in their nest. Scientists can use these nest to get an approximate number of the gorilla population.

7 : Highly intelligent compared to other animals
Gorillas are able to make their own tools and methods for communication. They tend to use these tools for their own safety. They have an ability to observe other things and act accordingly. They are able to make about 25 different sounds for communication.

8 : A number of gorillas existing
The gorilla species that has a maximum number in population is the western lowland. Their count is approximated from a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand. They live in the dense parts of the forest and an exact count is very hard to take. The cross river category is the one that has least count. It is no more than 300.

9 : Survival on some trees
These animals tend to roam around for food shelter and as a habit of living. They eat fruits of the large tree and helps in carrying them. Seed dispersal is one of the important factors for the survival of some large trees. Gorillas help in dispensing seeds throughout the forest.

10 : Distinguishing silver backs
Male gorillas are often called silverbacks because of the silver hair on their back. These are similar to a human beard. It signifies that a male gorilla has reached sexual maturity. They can also be used to identify male gorillas in a group of gorillas.

From these points, we know that gorilla is one of the interesting and complicated creatures on earth. Even then they are usually gone unnoticed and neglected by the humans. The number of gorilla population is also decreasing at a high rate.